Fronted by the dynamic and fierce female vocalist Ryann Spaulding, IronKill delivers an explosive style of heavy metal with Reilly Mikus on lead guitar, Michael Montana on rhythm guitar and Steven Montana on drums.

Brothers Michael and Steven along with long time friend Reilly began the journey of forming a band now known as IronKill at the young ages of 14 and 12 years old in the summer of 2013 in Arizona. Soon after they met their original vocalist Joel Rodriguez and began to perform throughout the greater Phoenix area first doing covers of their influences Metallica, Pantera, Lamb of God and so many more. it wasn't  long before Michael, Reilly and Steven began writing originals. It was apparent early on that this group of young musicians had talent and the desire and drive to get them to where they are today. November of 2015 the band officially became known as IRONKILL! December 2016 IronKill parted ways with Joel due to conflicts. Now back to the original three founding members Reilly, Michael and Steven looking at Joel's departure as a positive to search for a better fit continued on writing new music and pursuing the search for their new vocalist, soon Ryann came to audition and she more then impressed them with her vocals, rehearsing began with Ryann and they had her as a guest vocalist in March of 2017 when they opened for Devil Driver at Club Red in Tempe, AZ. It was apparent to not only the band and Ryann but to all present that she needed to be the new vocalist.            

Since Ryann joining the band they have continued to grow and just released their self titled 5 song ep IRONKILL which was previously released very briefly in 2016 just prior to Joel's departure. Once Ryann officially joined the band she headed into the recording studio and recorded the vocals along with some lyric changes on two of the songs.

Fall of 2018 two more Ironkill originals were released Talking to The Dead and At War With the Devil. 

The future for IronKill looks bright as they have reached adulthood and ready to get out of their home state and play as much as they can. They have been busy writing new music and will begin recording their new music in the spring of 2019!

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