A heavy metal band that formed in the summer of 2013 in Arizona by brothers Michael on guitar and Steven Montana on drums and their friend Reilly Mikus on guitar. Soon they found Joel who was the bands first vocalist until his sudden departure in December of 2016. Hayden Feidler joined the band in the fall of 2015 on bass until his departure to pursue other interest in November 2016. They set out to find their next vocalist and soon found their current vocalist Ryann Spaulding welcoming her to the stage early in 2017!  They take their many influences of Metal and Rock  and other genres of music and put that into their originals.
They released 5 of their originals that were briefly released originally in 2016 just prior to the departure of their first voacalist. Now re recorded with Ryann and a few lyric changes the now named ep IRONKILL was released in February 17, 2018! They are in the process of recording a new CD now.